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Advancing Alternative Energy The Energy Mill

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Pre-buy Your Wood Pellets

pelletsIt may not be the season to burn wood pellets, but it's definitely the season to buy. Prices will go up as temperature goes down, so put in an order now. Pick up your order from us by September 30th 2016, or pay a little extra to store them throughout the cold season and grab them at your leisure. Call 269-685-8811 or stop by our building.

ProPellet: $215 per ton AFTER tax Isabella Hard- or Soft- wood: $208 per ton AFTER tax

Wood Pellet Grills

pelletsWant some extra flavor from your grill? Pick from a variety of wood pellet flavors to enhance the taste of whatever you're cooking. You can even choose to get high tech and control the temperature from your smart phone. These are becoming more popular for good reason! Just talking about them has made me hungry...

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Changing the Rules on Fuel

Where is it written that alternative fuel has to be outrageously expensive? Where does it say that only the wealthiest people in America can afford to quit their dependence on expensive, traditional fossil fuels and adopt a better, cleaner way to heat their homes?

At The Energy Mill, we know a better path and we want to share it with you!

Our company is southwest Michigan's alternative energy leader in sales and service of pellet/biomass stoves, furnaces and boilers. Unlike outdated oil and gas systems of the past, our products provide an alternative heating solution that costs less, is more efficient, and proves to be better for the environment. We work with all the name brand alternative energy system manufacturers - Harman, Quadrafire, Fahrenheit, Nature's Comfort, Green Mountain Grills, Well- Connect Geothermal, Eco Choice, and others - to give you a comfortable, honest, simple solution to all your energy problems. In short, we help you find the best alternative heating solution for your home, and we do it for less.

How do we know our alternative energy products can deliver? Our family-owned and operated company has more than 10 years of experience in the business! In providing home owners with exceptional alternative energy experiences for more than decade, we have seen them save more, heat spaces better, and discover a new, easy, reliable heating solution they can’t wait to tell all their friends about.

We provide and service the following products:

So if you live in Kalamazoo, Allegan, or Barry County, and you’re tired of burning money to heat your home, call The Energy Mill for your FREE in-home estimate at 269-685-8811.