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About Us

Energy Mill, Plainwell, MI

Many of our customers want to know all about our company, how we got into the alternative energy business, and why. Below, you can find all the answers to those questions, and answers to questions you never thought to ask! We want to welcome you into our business family, and encourage you to call us at The Energy Mill once you know more and are ready to start saving:

Why The Energy Mill?

We offer the best, most-reliable products in the industry, and pride ourselves on our approach and our expert team. Don't take our word for it, though. Get The Energy Mill experience for yourself!

Our Mission

To make the promise of alternative energy an easy, economical, reliable solution for home owners in West Michigan.

Our Approach

Create a comfortable, fun, informative environment where we can provide unparalleled service, responsiveness, and alternative energy expertise. Our goal is to listen to your needs and partner with you to help find the best alternative heating solution for your home space.

Our History

We’re proud to be family owned and operated. The West Michigan community has embraced the idea of alternative energy and we only see it trending upward. In Summer of 2016, new ownership was appointed. We're excited to begin expanding our product offerings, particularly in the areas of electric heating, gas heating, and solar energy. Today, we specialize in the sales and service of biomass pellet stoves and grills, furnaces, outdoor boilers, and other top-of-the-line alternative energy products.

Our Location

The Energy Mill converted an abandoned lumber yard/brownfield site, in our hometown of Plainwell, Michigan, into the home base for one of the most trusted alternative energy companies in the Wolverine State.

To learn more about our company, our products, or our services, call The Energy Mill at 269-685-8811.