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A Company Is Only As Good As Customers Say It Is

I had originally bought a US stove from a chain store. After having numerous problems with it, I bought a Harman Advance from the Energy Mill in Plainwell. The Harman is great, not only does it use less pellets and burn cleaner, but after two years I have yet to have a single problem with it. The people at Energy Mill are knowledgeable and friendly, and will go the extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied. I would recommend Energy Mill as your first and last stop in the purchase on anything related to pellet stoves, or fuel.

- John Brokus

I absolutely love my stove, I wish I had bought it a couple of years ago. I tell all my friends about it, and the vacuum I bought for my stove works great! No flying ash, and it sucks up all of the hot coals.

- Bill Bonarski

We purchased our Harman about a year ago, after years of wanting an alternative to the big gas/power companies, and huge winter heating bills. I had tried using my fireplace, burning wood, but logging wood around gets old in the winter. I was still not making a dent in our winter costs. Our Harman purchase was an investment that paid dividends right away. We heated our home at a very comfortable level all winter - cutting our winter heating cost at a very noticeable savings. Honestly, even the plants in the house perked up. Other reasons we love our pellet burner are it’s a cleaner burn, a constant heat level, and no odor of wood burning smoke. Three words to describe the product would be: Comfort, Safety, and Savings. Worth the investment.

- Al Jackson

I have had my stove for 5 years now, and it has drastically reduced cost. We love the consistency of the heat. The wife likes the same temperature it gives, and it eliminates our furnace. The savings goes up and up. It is good looking, efficient, and easy to clean.

- Charles Monaweck

I’ve had by Bosca Pellet Heater for three winters now. My home is 40x40 and it heats it very well, a good steady heat. It’s easy to install, low ash, and nice to look at while it’s burning. The Energy Mill has all you need: people to help you, service, stoves, and pellets.

- Wanda Scholfield

I have had my stove for a couple of years now. Everyone is comfortable, nobody has to get out their sweaters, and it saves us money. The heat is reliable - you just turn it on and let it go. Harman stoves just go, go, and go! They are great, affordable, and, most of all, reliable.

- Rob Poth

I have had my wood boiler for over a year now. I was burning propane before, this will be my second winter and my wood boiler has been so much more cost efficient, easy to clean, and easy to maintain.

- Kevin Louden

This will be my 3rd winter that we have had our stove, and it has cut our costs by 75%. It has not only helped us out financially, but we also absolutely love the beauty and the feeling it brings to our living area.

- Ken Deitz