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Well-Connect Means Well Heated & Cooled

The Well-Connect system from The Energy Mill is one of the most efficient, portable, self-contained water heating pump systems available today. It provides heating and cooling, and is perfectly-designed for use in rural areas with well water and existing power supplies. It can function almost anywhere from office buildings and home living rooms to work areas outdoors, and it doesn’t need to replace your primary furnace.

In fact, by working in conjunction with it, it can prolong the life of your heating system significantly and start saving you money from day one. It is a truly unique and versatile system that can only improve the quality of your interior temperature for life and help you rid your home of dependency on fossil fuels.


How It Works:

The Well-Connect system uses a series of simple pumps, and your existing well water supply, to extract the geothermal energy that is found in the ground. Using about 2 gallons of water per minute, the Well-Connect system handles about 75% of the heating and cooling workload, while allowing your existing system to contribute when it needs to. This entire process equates to tremendous savings and efficiency in your home, and helps you to control emissions (as there are none) and your carbon footprint.

The Benefits:

There are many benefits to using the Well-Connect system, as opposed to a single heating and cooling unit:


Unlike standard geothermal units or fossil fuel setups, the Well-Connect system is compact, takes one day to set up, and leaves your property in pristine condition. It comes in a stand-alone model, self-ducted model, and a hybrid system that can be attached to your existing heat setup as well. It can work with forced air, hot water, or even wood/pellet stoves for more versatility.


The second benefit is the savings on heating and cooling! It has been proven that for every $1 of electricity spent on Well-Connect, $3.20 of heat is provided. And, the Well-Connect system provides air conditioning, too! If you own propane, the math comes out to about $.80 per gallon. How much do you pay right now with your existing system?


As we mentioned above, there are no emissions with the Well-Connect system. There is also no pollution, nor any consumption of water. This lowers the effect on the environment in a very real and significant way, and helps you reduce your own carbon footprint on the earth!

General Specifications:

  • 1.5 ton capacity
  • 16,000 BTUs
  • 4.51 COP (Coefficient of Performance)
  • (320% Energy Efficiency)
  • 220V required
  • 2 Gallons/Minute water supply
  • Overall Dimensions: 44” x 24” x 20”
  • Decorative cabinet available

Get Well-Connect Today:

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